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Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU).Law Deans meeting 2012

to be hosted by Universidad de Chile (University of Chile) November 7th -10th

APRU has come of age since its founding in 1997. With great foresight the APRU founders realized that the 21st century would be the "Pacific Century". It is clear that the Pacific Rim is becoming the political, economic, and cultural nexus for the entire world. With our 42 world class institutional members, APRU has risen to global challenges and has grown from strength to strength. APRU now oversees a broad spectrum of activities and programs that address these challenges. Underlying this is the realization that APRU has an important role to play in pooling human resources, advocating the education of future global leaders, promoting the betterment of societies and creating a sustainable future.

APRU will increasingly become the gateway to the Pacific Rim region on matters relating to higher education, as well as industry and government. In actively searching for solutions to global issues and challenges, APRU seeks to continue contributing to the economic, scientific and cultural advancement in the Pacific Rim. We invite you to explore our site [] and join us in sharing in the challenges and the opportunities of the Pacific Century.

Law Deans Meeting

Following the success of the Business and Education Deans Meetings the inaugural Law Deans Meeting was hosted by Chulalongkorn University from October 14 to 16, 2010. The 2nd Meeting was hosted by Tsinghua University from April 22 to 23, 2011 in Beijing, China.

The meeting's objective is to provide opportunities for deans of law schools in the Pacific Rim to share their academic and administrative vision on an international platform that will lead to the promotion and development of high quality legal education in APRU member economies.

This year the Law Deans Meeting will be hosted by the Universidad de Chile School of Law between November 7th-10th, opportunity for which academic and institutional integration activities will happen with the participation of the deans of the most prestigious Law Schools in APRU. Amidst this, an International Conference titled "Doing Business in Asia Pacific Rim: Legal Education Is Prepared?" will be held for Law School deans and representatives of APRU and non-APRU member universities, with presentations from both the academic and business perspective.

More information will be published in the coming weeks.

Decanos de las principales facultades de Derecho del Pacífico se reunirán en el encuentro que este año organiza Derecho U. de Chile.

Decanos de las principales facultades de Derecho del Pacífico se reunirán en el encuentro que este año organiza Derecho U. de Chile.

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